Topcliffe Road drainage scheme in Thirsk

NY Highways has been working on an ongoing drainage project on Topcliffe Road in Thirsk, North Yorkshire from July 2022. The project is a huge undertaking, fixing a drainage problem along the road, which covers approximately 550 metres.

The work has proved difficult due to the number of underground utilities, along with the depth of the excavations required, to install the pipework and PCC rings to form the manholes and soakaways.

The problem:

The scheme is being undertaken because of damage to a top water drainage system, which occurred when a new water main was installed on the full length of the road several years previously.

This damage has led to flooding at several areas along Topcliffe Road following heavy rain, causing severe disruption for residents and motorists. Some of the worst affected areas include Saxty Way, Mac Arthur Close, and the stretch between Gravel Hole Lane & Cocked Hat Park.

The solution:

A new system has been designed, incorporating several large soakaways, approximately 3 metres deep. This allows excess rainwater to dissipate, thus reducing the risk of flooding.

The main issues encountered when carrying out the work has been the number of underground services contained in a very confined space, including electric, gas, water, BT, fibre optic. This has meant the work NY Highways have been undertaking is incredibly complex.

Find out more:

NY Highways can install drainage solutions on your property as well as providing gully maintenance and repair services for various sectors, including housebuilders, developers, land owners, schools, public sector organisations, private sector businesses and much more.

The result:

The project is ongoing, with phase two beginning in May 2023. The majority of phase 1 was completed by August 2022 and appears to be working well, avoiding flooding in the area during periods of heavy rain.