How to do business with us

NY Highways currently spend around £35 million each year.

This includes a wide range of goods, works and services, including front-line direct services and indirect back-office support. We use a variety of contracts, from simple purchase orders to long-term contractual agreements. Some contracts are with a single provider, others are framework agreements with multiple suppliers.

E-tendering portal

On behalf of NY Highways, North Yorkshire Council Procurement and Contract Management Service use YORtender to advertise tendering opportunities, manage the procurement process electronically and monitor contract performance.

YORtender (

Registration is free, and you will start receiving email alerts on relevant projects as soon as you have completed the supplier registration and chosen your categories of interest.

If you have any problems using YORtender you can email or call 0800 840 2050 during office hours (9am to 5pm).

Find a tender service

From 1 January 2021, following the transition period, any UK public sector opportunity above public procurement thresholds will also be published to the new UK e-notification service, the Find a Tender Service (FTS).

Suppliers may wish to:

  • register for notifications of above public procurement threshold opportunities from the wider UK public sector
  • view information on which suppliers have been appointed to public sector contracts, following above threshold procurement exercises

    Business Opportunities and working with us

    NYH’s Buying Team have the scope to award contracts worth less than £100,000, with support available from North Yorkshire Council’s (NYC) Procurement and Contract Management Service if required. Procurement is a centralised function, directly responsible for procurement of all contracts worth £100,000 or more. Our tender and quote opportunities exceeding £100,000 are advertised online, through an e-tendering portal.

    Contract management is split between the Commercial Team, Buying Team and other service areas. NYC’s Procurement and Contract Management Service provide information, support and resources to support contract management across the organisation.

    Procurement Strategy and Procedures

    We undertake our procurement activity in accordance with:

    Purchase order terms and conditions

    The following terms and conditions will apply to all purchase orders unless other Terms and Conditions have been established as part of a specific agreement, in which case the specific agreement will apply.

    Any subsequent versions of the general purchase order terms will be available for a minimum of six years together with the dates each version was valid.

    Paying our suppliers

    Procure to pay guidance for our suppliers

    1. Supplier invoices and credit notes should be emailed to, invoices that are not sent to this email address will result in delayed or missed payments.
    2. If you have a query about an outstanding payment or advising of supplier set-up information changes please email
    3. Supplier invoices must include the following information to enable us to arrange payment;
    • A valid NY Highways Ltd purchase order number – placed in a consistent location on your invoice template.  We operate a ‘no purchase order no payment’ basis so please always include your purchase order.
    • The invoice needs to be addressed to ‘NY Highways Ltd’
    • Invoice date
    • Payee name, address and contact information
    • VAT invoices MUST include the suppliers VAT number, a nine digit number starting GB
    • A unique invoice number
    • VAT amount if applicable
    • The details of goods / service / works supplied that matches the purchase order/contract price list/schedule of rates, including quantity, unit price, net amount, VAT and total cost
    • Who to make the invoice payable to if a cheque payment is needed or BACS details
    • Payment terms
    1. Please send one invoice per email as a PDF and do not include other attachments such as vehicle documents e.g. service sheets, MOT certificates or quotes etc, as these are automatically loaded into our system and result in queries, delaying the processing of the invoice.

    Procedures and Policies