Driveways, pavements and kerbs

NY Highways can provide maintenance to pavements and kerbs on private land for various sectors, including housebuilders, developers, schools, public sector organisations, private sector businesses and much more.

For residents, we can provide concrete driveways, with other types of drives available on request.

We can also add a dropped kerb on the pathway outside your drive to allow you to legally drive from the road onto your driveway. You will need to gain permission for a dropped kerb from North Yorkshire Council first via Apply for a dropped kerb – North Yorkshire Council

Once permission is gained, you can get in touch with us for a competitive quote.

Our driveway, pavement and kerb services include:

  • Replacing and repairing broken paving stones and kerbs
  • Footpath maintenance for unadopted roads
  • Concrete or asphalt driveways
  • Adding dropped kerbs (you will need to gain permission from North Yorkshire Council first before getting in touch with us for a quote)

We maintain pavements and kerbs regularly on behalf of our client, North Yorkshire Council, therefore you can be assured that we have an experienced team who deliver high quality work on a daily basis.

If your organisation is looking to repair a pavement or kerb on your property, or you are a developer looking for a ground works contractor or a contractor to undertake Section 278 works, contact us for a competitive quote.

Please note – NY Highways are unable to respond to enquiries about public pavements that are the responsibility of North Yorkshire Council.  If you are a resident who needs to report a problem relating to public pavements or kerbs, please contact North Yorkshire Council using the following link:
Report a pavement or kerb issue – North Yorkshire Council